Spicy Paloma

I tinkered significantly with a recipe that I saw online and came up with this version. So so delicious and quite festive looking as well. This is a batch recipe; you can scale down or up. A note on the type of grapefruit juice: I usually use Matt’s grapefruit but because I was feeling a little flinty, I bought Simply Pure and I’m sad to say the cocktail was noticeably NOT AS GOOD! So please use Matt’s- it’s worth the extra money and makes a big difference.
We made several different batches of drinks the week before Christmas to have on hand and it was quite delightful:  

12 oz. tequila, any kind

4 oz. triple sec
12 oz. Matt’s grapefruit juice (I am very specific about that)
4 oz. lime juice
Mix everything up in a pitcher; you have the option of shaking it in an ice-filled shaker first (nicer result but more work) or simply pouring it into a salt-rimmed glass of ice directly from the pitcher. Garnish with a lime and enjoy!


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