enough about me…

O.K., maybe a little bit more about me…

in a few pictures first:

why a blog?

I started this blog some time ago when my daughter was on a Fulbright in Serbia as a way to let her know all the latest happenings in our Chicago suburb. Quickly I realized there were not many happenings and thus it turned into a way to share recipes with her as well as a way to keep track of all the recipes I was modifying significantly, creating or sharing from more obscure sources.


My hope is to share recipes that I love in a concise fashion without ads or other distractions. I have a short attention span for long blog posts and often find myself unable to pay attention no matter how fantastic the blog, sometimes missing crucial directions when there is too much content.

and what about me?

My mom and (now) my dad are both great cooks; my love of food comes from them; both of my kids are terrific cooks as well so I guess that sort of love gets passed down. I am a home baker/cook who obsessively pores over cookbooks, blogs, magazines and YouTube videos. Great British Bake Off is my serotonin and I have a small but manageable crush on Paul Hollywood. I am currently a recipe tester for Leite’s Culinaria– my absolute favorite site of all time.

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