Pumpkin Caramel-Bourbon Tart

This pumpkin tart is absolutely delicious;  I probably wouldn’t bother with the candied pumpkin seeds (although they are great on salads!) because I don’t feel that they do anything to take the dessert over the top and therefore are an unnecessary extra step. Next time I make this I will just put some chopped toasted pecans around the edges and save myself a bit of work. I did not change this recipe at all so will just give you the link here:

pumpkin caramel-bourbon tart

I will make one comment regarding the crust, however; because it has cornmeal it turns out to be a pretty sturdy crust rather than light and flaky. If you think you won’t like that gritty texture, you could always substitute a graham cracker crust or use a regular pie crust.

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