New York Sour

My lovely daughter made this delightful beverage for us recently- it’s gorgeous to look at and even better to drink. The recipe is adapted from Epicurious. I recently bought rye whiskey for these drinks though I have no idea whether it tastes any different from bourbon whiskey. The original recipe has a one to one proportion of whiskey to sour mix but I found that to be a little too strong so I put about 3 oz. sour mix for every 2 oz. of whiskey.

2 oz. rye or bourbon whiskey
2 oz. – 4 oz. sweet and sour mix (recipe follows), depending upon whether you like your whiskey drinks as strong as you like your men
red wine

Combine the whiskey and sour mix over ice. Float a little red wine on top of the drink by gently pouring it over the back of a spoon. Garnish with a cherry.

Sweet and Sour Mix:
equal parts lemon juice (fresh, please) and simple syrup

Simple Syrup:
equal parts sugar and water; melt the sugar in the water over low heat until it is completely dissolved

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