Mexican Cheeseburger

The toppings you can choose for the “Mexican Burgers” (what an embarrassingly unimaginative title!) are limitless- basically anything you might like on a taco. You could do any number of salsas as a topping, chopped lettuce, tomatoes etc. They go well with margaritas or beer.

1/2 lb Mexican chorizo, casing removed and cooked
2 lbs ground beef
chihuahua cheese

Mix the cooked chorizo with the raw ground beef very gently and form into patties (I did 5 but you can make smaller or bigger burgers to your liking).  Grill over high heat and top with chihuahua cheese.

For the toppings:
sliced red onion, cooked in a small amount of canola oil over very low heat until carmalized
pickled jalapenos (I like Mrs. Renfro’s in a jar)
sliced radishes
sliced avocado
chipotle ketchup

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