Asparagus, Egg and Cheese Tartines (aka The Florentino Ariza)

“Even when it was not the season for asparagus, it had to be found regardless of cost so that he could take pleasure in the vapors of his own fragrant urine.” This is one of my favorite quotes from Love In The Time of Cholera; luckily, ’tis the season to enjoy those vapors. This is adapted from Nancy Silverton’s Sandwich Book.

Grilled Asparagus (toss with olive oil, salt and pepper and grill- or roast in 400º oven for about 15-20 min.)
Fontina cheese, shredded (or your favorite, perhaps something hanging around the fridge)
Sliced Bread- something substantial like a sliced Trader Joe’s Italian for paninis or sourdough
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

First brush the bread slices with EVOO (or if you are feeling particularly decadent, you can spread them with garlic butter) and either grill them on both sides or brown them using a panini maker.  I used the panini maker because every time I try to grill bread I end up burning it.  Lay some asparagus stalks on each slice of bread.  Fry as many eggs as you are making tartines to your liking (I prefer over-easy) and put one egg on top of the asparagus.  Cover with shredded cheese and broil until bubbly.

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